Social & Fair 2017 - Michigan Realtors® Fair Housing Review

1 Hour Legal Credit - CE Marketplace Certified | Instructed by Brian Westrin

Course description

Social & Fair 2017. 1 Legal Hour of CE Marketplace Certified Con Ed

The Michigan Realtors® presents an educational opportunity focused on the legal requirements of real estate advertising. This course will analyze state law and National Association of REALTORS® requirements pertaining to advertisement content and appearance as well as state and federal fair housing consciousness in advertising. This course will provide attendees with a broad understanding of the risks inherent in maintaining a business presence on social media without internal office guidelines aimed at fair housing and other state law requirements.

20% of your purchase price will be donated to Fair Housing Centers of Michigan

By purchasing this course, you will receive a bonus course available in September:
The Letter of The Law 2017 (CE Marketplace Certified 1.o hrs.)
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Brian Westrin
Brian Westrin
Public Policy & Legal Affairs Director

Brian Westrin is Director of Public Policy & Legal Affairs for the Michigan Realtors®. He helps facilitate both the Public Policy Committee & Legal Action Committee. He regularly presents on legal and policy issues, often working directly with local associations on emerging concerns. Brian is a graduate of Louisiana State University and Michigan State University College of Law.

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